You may be looking for counselling or psychotherapy at this point in you life for many different reasons these may include, but not exclusively be

- You may feel under stress at work affecting you at work and at home

- You may be struggling with low mood or depression

- Anxiety may be troubling you

- Childhood events may be distressing you presently

- You may be struggling with a bereavement or loss

•  You may be experiencing relationship difficulties

•  You may feel anxious.


It is recognised at least 1 in 4 people struggle at some time in their lives with a psychological and/or emotional disorder. Prescribed medication can be seen as a fast, effective way to manage the symptoms and this is sometimes enough to help through a difficult time. However, for some people it either may not be enough, or medication is not something that wants to be considered. Psychological therapies are shown to work best to bring about long term results.

Most people can cope with the odd or even several painful life events. Often family and friends help. However, if events occur in succession, there may not be time to recover in between and it can become an overwhelming problem. The family and friends support network may also be over stretched or inappropriate. It is then that professional Counselling help may be needed.