Psychotherapy and Counselling 


I work with adults at my private practices in Derby, where I provide individual counselling in a confidential private setting.

I offer Skype and Zoom or WhatsApp Video or phone Counselling currently.

I have over 25 years experience as a Counsellor, in the NHS and in my private practice.

I have worked with people and their families in a therapeutic way for more than 35 years.

I can offer to work with you in a warm, relaxed style which enables us to develop a therapeutic relationship that is both respectful and empathic.

I can offer you an environment where you can feel safe to explore the issues and difficulties that you may be facing.

I will listen to you in a careful, sensitive manner, enabling us to explore your reactions and behaviours

I will work in a way best suited to your individual needs.

I have helped many people who have struggled with emotional and psychological distress. 

My clients often recommend me as they appreciate my straight forward and empathic Counselling approach which enabled them to work through their difficulties they brought to the Counselling.

Pam Collins